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Pîrvu Drăgoianu Partners is a law firm offering complete, sustainable and uncomplicated legal solutions in a prompt manner, with the ability to always be one step ahead, in order to establish a sound reputation for legal excellence.

We address each and every mandate with complete focus and dedicate a multidisciplinary team, in order to ensure that the highest quality standards are reached. We provide proactive commercial advisory services, assistance with mergers and acquisitions, to successfully resolve disputes, litigation practice or public procurement procedure advices.

As every matter is different, we tailor the legal services, in order to enable our clients´ business progress in a legally sound environment. We develop comprehensive compliance programs to help our clients avoid unanticipated scrutiny and manage risk, or by handling sensitive internal and governmental criminal investigations.

By combining the natural and vivid enthusiasm of a newly founded law firm with an uncompromisable commitment to our clients’ specific needs and with excellent commercial awareness, we make sure that the highest standards of quality in the entrusted matter are met, whilst our clients always receive the most suitable, effective and uncomplicated solution.

Dispute resolution wise, our legal advice addresses all types of proceedings, appeals and phases. We deliver legal opinions on potentially litigious and criminal issues and we equally advise on dispute resolution and criminal charges. We are qualified and experienced to act as legal counsels in front of all the Romanian courts.

We make sure every mandate is tailored perfectly to ensure best approach
We pride ourselves with complete grasp of facts in a timely manner
We deliver a detailed cost estimate prior to beginning working on your case
We offer feasible and doable solutions, no empty promises and false hopes
We take most care of each and every client and each mandate, with no exception

Wills, Trusts & Probate

It is worth understanding the options of distributing pensions before deciding what is best for you.


International families can face particular difficulties if the relationship between the parents break down.

Financial Settlements

Protect your wealth and ensure you receive a fair settlement. Our expert divorce lawyers will be by your side.